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Appointments & Curbside Service

We are open!

Appointments & curbside service are also available! We plan to be in our workshop unless mandated otherwise, but we ask for your help to be able to do so.

We will continue to look to our state and local officials for guidance going forward. As of now, we have adopted the following procedures to try to keep our team and our clients healthy:

  • Please do not come to the shop if you are feeling sick or if you are self-quarantined due to exposure or high risk. 
  • While appointments are not required, they are encouraged, so as to maintain 25% capacity. 
  • You may call or email to make an appointment, or you can quickly book one online.
  • Masks are available for patrons entering without one.  
  • We are seeing 1 client per salesperson at a time to maintain proper distancing (3 clients max per hour).
  • Otherwise, we will be providing curbside service until further notice. Curbside for us means that we will meet you at the curb to address your needs.
    • If you are picking up an item, we will bring it to your car.
    • If you are dropping off an item, we will meet you at your car.
  • Please call or email us to coordinate prior to coming by. That way, we will be expecting you.
  • Please make any payments for pick-ups prior to coming by. As a security measure, this will ensure only 1 trip to and from your car.
Additionally, our security cameras show all activity around our building. Please call us when you are parked outside. This allows us to confirm your location for a smoother transaction.
There may be instances in which we can deliver directly to you. Please call or email us to coordinate. 

We are washing our hands, using hand sanitizer, and wiping down all surfaces as often as we can to minimize risk of exposure to our clients, staff, and community.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please call us at 504-861-9925.