Forty Years and Counting...

Forty Years and Counting...

In 1975, Richard and Tom Mathis partnered with Judie Held to open the doors on a unique jewelry store, featuring custom creations alongside local and global treasures. It has remained the hidden "Gem in the Riverbend" for over 45 years -- a place where you're sure to find that perfect occasion piece or symbolic memento.

Today, Connie Thompson and Anna Hollinger lead a remarkable team of jewelers and designers who continue the legacy, striving to inspire and make every experience a special one. They are committed to delivering art-forward jewelry and impeccable craftsmanship.

Symmetry has curated a museum for jewelry.

  • Whether made from something unexpected or the precious gold and diamond of traditional jewelry, its worth extends above the cost of materials and becomes the value of the concept and reputation of its creator.
  • A carefully curated selection of artists from around the globe provide a distinct collection not offered by any other store.

And if it doesn't exist, make it.

Your treasures re-imagined. Your vision realized. Your favorite pieces made new. Our skilled experts use state of the art technology and consummate talent to make your wish become real.

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