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Custom Symmetry Designs

If you are in the market for a unique piece of jewelry designed especially for you then Symmetry Jewelers and Designers  should be your first choice.


We will design just the right engagement, wedding ring or gift that holds a special meaning just for you or the one you love.  We have the finest professional designers and craftsmen in New Orleans. We have been specializing in the fine art of jewelry making for over 45 years. Tom Mathis, our designer, has created  thousands of heirloom quality pieces for customers all over the country for over 40 years.  Starting his career as a fine artist and graphic designer he is uniquely qualified to fulfill your ideas in any style you can imagine. He is also a very accomplished hand engraver with the ability to bring your special design to life.

Tom will consult with you personally to make sure your vision is realized.

Step 1.  Design Consultation & Price Quote

At Symmetry Jewelers it’s important to us that we understand exactly what you want in your custom-made jewelry. We want to assure you a smooth process and clear understanding of how our custom process flows. Estimates for custom pieces are based on the highest quality craftsmanship and materials. The design process begins with a consultation in person, phone or email. We listen to your ideas, look through photos, sketches and actual pieces to collaborate on your one of a kind custom design. We will advise you on precious metals and gemstone options. Once we are clear on your vision, we will provide you with a free initial estimate and timeline.

Step 2.  Design Process & Approval

 After the concept has been approved, a 50% deposit is required. Our designer will then create a computer-aided design (CAD) and render it as a photo-realistic image. This is done to show multi-angled views of the actual design. During this step, you can still make any changes or modifications to your design. Up to three CAD alterations are included in your estimate.  Changes after three alterations may incur an additional charge. If we are providing a center stone for you, we will also have you select your favorite from a few different options. The original estimate may change depending on the gemstones selected. To help you approve or change the CAD design, a three-dimensional model of your design will be made. This is a plastic or wax model of the final product that will show you real world proportions. At this stage of the custom jewelry design process we want to make sure the rendering and model are translating into your beautiful piece of jewelry.  Any additional changes must be made at this point. The model must be approved before it is cast into metal. If you are unable to come into the gallery to see the model in person, we can mail it to you for approval.

Step 3.  Final Approval

A final approval form must be signed. Clients waiving the signature requirement may not be eligible for a store credit or refund and may lose the deposit.

Step 4.  Production & Finished Product

Once the final design has been approved, your model is cast into precious metal and the gemstones you approved will be set. Our master gem setters will carefully set each stone by hand to ensure the finest quality product. Though the same care is used in setting every gem, stones supplied by the client cannot be warrantied for any damage that may be incurred in the setting process. After the gemstones are set, we bring the metal to life with the desired texture, hand engraving and detailing. Before presenting you with the finished piece, we carefully carry out a detailed examination to ensure that every step of the process has yielded a design that will far exceed your expectations.

If you need to cancel a custom order after design and prototype approval, we will issue you a store credit for your initial deposit. Due to the intensive labor and time involved in custom design jewelry, any refunds are at the discretion of Symmetry Jewelers & Designers.

First we start with a sketch. Then we make a 3D plastic model that you can hold and try on to make sure the size and shape was what you had in mind before we finalize the design and create the actual finished piece. We will then create a photo realistic image of the design that we can email to you for your suggestions for modifications or for your approval. After the final approval Symmetry will create your finished masterpiece made just for you.